How to cite a research paper?

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This is how research activity is arranged, that one cannot simply do without quoting any pundits. This also applies to the research paper. So much has been written about the citation rules that you can get confused in the stream of articles. It is important to know how to cite a research paper.

Quotation – super-accurate excerpt from any text that is included in your own text. When creating a diploma, you can use direct quotation (verbatim) or indirect (retelling of the statement in your own words with a fully preserved meaning). You can also make a quote in the researcg paper with the indication of the author and the source directly in the text of the diploma or using the link to the author and the source. But you should know how to cite a research paper.

Among the general recommendations on how to issue quotes in a research paper, here are som tips how to cite a research paper:

1. In many universities, the criterion for the uniqueness of a diploma is quite important, so do not abuse direct quotations that lead not only to a reduction in uniqueness, but also are a sign of poor quality of research and intentional increase in volume to the members of the attestation commission, to the detriment of the semantic load.

2. Do not use too large quotes (one third of a page or more). It also reduces the uniqueness and quality of the reseach paper. There is an exception: for example, when a student needs to analyze an excerpt from an artistic text.

3. Carefully cite reference literature: encyclopedias, dictionaries, etc. References to such sources are possible, for example, in the introduction to the disclosure of terms and concepts.

4. In order to correctly make a quotation in a research paper, do not forget to quote each quotation (both direct and indirect) with reference to a source issued in accordance with GOST R 7.0.5 – 2008 “Bibliography link. General requirements and rules of drafting. Do not neglect the links and when reiterating the source. Also on our website you can read the rules for making links in accordance with the standards.

5. Give a direct quote accurately, without the slightest distortion, even grammatical forms, keep all punctuation marks.

6. Basically, allow the author to cite only in his text. Sometimes it is possible to use the statement of this author, published in another edition: if the source is not at all available or difficult to find. Used for this word “Cit. by: “, anticipating a link to the source, for example: * Quoted from. by: Florenskaya A. P. At the watershed of thought. M., 1990. T. 2. S. 27.

How correctly to issue quoting from the point of view of spelling? It is easier in this regard to make indirect quotations: you retell the essence of the statement in your own words and indicate the original source with the help of one or another kind of link (we remind you that you can read about the rules of link design on our website). The quote in this case does not require quoting.