Chicago citation dissertation

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Chicago citation dissertation: footnotes and bibliography provides the use of superscript numerical indices and footnotes at the bottom of the page with bibliographic information whenever you quote a source, whether it be a paraphrase, a quote within a line or a block quote. For example, in the text at the end of each quotation or paraphrase, it is necessary to place an extension numerical index (serial number) starting from the number “1” and extending the numbering to the end of all labor.

The subscript index number should correspond to the same footnote number with bibliographic information about the quoted source that appears at the bottom of the page. Each footnote begins with a paragraph from the serial number, and then after the space, there is bibliographic information about the source cited on this page, which includes the full name of the author, title and publication information (see Table 1 below). At the end of the whole work, a list of used sources is formed on footnotes.

Making quotations in the text:

Paraphrase. Do not take the quotes. An extra digit index is placed at the end of the paraphrase after the dot or after the sentence logic after the punctuation marks.

Quote inside the line (up to five lines of text). Get in the quotes. An extra digit index is placed at the end of the quoted text after the paragraph or after the sentence logic after the punctuation.

Block quote (consists of five or more lines of text). Submitted in the text from the new line through one interval with the indent indent to the left for the entire quote, not taken into quotation marks. Before the block quote and after it, there is one line of indent.

Chicago citation dissertation. Terms:

  • Chicago citation dissertation: Author-Date – use of inbound links for each
  • source quoting.
  • Citation is obligatory when referring to the works of other authors.
  • Used: quote inside the line, paraphrase, block quote.
  • Mandatory elements in the interstitial link: author (editor / compiler / title
  • sources quoted, in the absence of the author) and the year of publication.
  • Names of tables and signatures should be separated in the text.
  • The links should shorten the list of pages at page intervals where possible:
  • if the quotation is placed on pages 123-124, then it is permissible to specify 123-4 in the description. It
  • also concerns the designations of the years of editions (multivolume editions): 1996-98 instead of 1996-1998