Dissertation cover page

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The dissertation is a serious scientific work, and therefore its design should be appropriate. Like all documents, the dissertation is issued in accordance with the State Standard. The dissertation cover page is its first sheet, which shows the main characteristics of the work and the author.

The dissertation cover page prints the name of the educational institution where the trainee learns, the author’s last name, first name and patronymic, the dissertation cover page, the specialty for which the internship took place, indicating the degree claimed by the trainee, last name, first name, patronymic name and degree of the supervisor.

If the dissertation is prepared not in Russian, then in addition there should be a dissertation cover page translated into Russian. This application is not numbered, but is included in the list of pages.

The number of pages is not affixed on the title page, the number “2” is indicated on the next page. To do this, when putting down the pages, you must select the “Special header and footer for the first page”.

The title page is filled in on A4 format, book orientation, fields:

  • left – 30 mm,
  • top – 20 mm,
  • right – 10 mm,
  • bottom – 25 mm.

For the text font Times New Roman size 14 is used.

Filling the dissertation cover page begins with the full name of the organization where the work was performed. It then indicates that the work is a manuscript. Just below is the last name, first name of the author. Below is the title of the thesis. The code and name of the specialty is indicated in accordance with the list of specialties of scientific workers. Next, you need to specify the degree that the candidate wants to get, last name. Below is the last name, first name and patronymic, as well as the degree of supervisor or consultant. At the very bottom of the page indicates the city and year of work.

It is very important to properly arrange the title page of the work, because it is he who creates the first impression of all the work. In addition, the thesis is the work performed by people who already have a higher education or a degree, so that high demands will be placed on the performance of this work. There are special standards and regulations, according to which the rules of registration are drawn up.